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OfficialNarrative – Uh oh! The Socialist Darling Goes Off Script…Hilarity Ensues
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Uh oh! The Socialist Darling Goes Off Script…Hilarity Ensues

She went a way off script. This is simply not allowed in American politics. You either kowtow to them, or they destroy you.


My guess is that her (((funding))) will dry up, or she will be quickly re-educated on the topic, swear to never do it again, and pledge fealty. 

But that would anger lots of socialist democrats. So she’s kinda stuck now.

If I were her, I’d double down and post some images of the victims in Gaza… 


…alongside the images of the “eternal victims”, watching the spectacle as if it is some sort of sporting event, on some comfy couches set up just for that purpose. If this isn’t supremacy and oppression, what is?


While reminding people of that age old truism (Not really from Voltaire, but that’s another story, it’s still true)


Or just do this 🙂

Either way, it’s going to be “interesting” to watch how she handles the punishment.


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