The Mask Slips

Every once in a while, the hate and genocidal mindset of the Left peeks through their thin costume of “tolerance” and “equality”.

Here, the Huffington Post publishes an article openly calling for the genocide of the German people.

Can you imagine if any other publication called for the abolition of the people of Zimbabwe? Mexico? Israel?
The outrage would be never-ending.

This isn’t the first time a specific ethnocentric group has called for the genocidal extermination of white people. There was even a book written and promoted in America about this almost 70 years ago. These people keep returning to their same tricks and calls for the murder of their enemies. Keep in Mind, this call to murder all Germans was published and distributed in America PRIOR to America entering World War 2, and before the National Socialist Party in Germany took any discriminatory actions towards Jews.

Here is a summary review of what this genocidal maniac proposed for the German people.

Look at all the American publications cheering on this genocidal plan! I wonder if any of the management or owners had anything in common with the Kaufman?

These constant calls for the genocide of white people should be taken very seriously. We’re in the demonization phase now. Before you kill a group of people, you have to dehumanize them first. Destroy their monuments and ridicule and mock their heritage.  The media has been doing this to whites for decades in America and Europe.

An article from a Christian website give a hot take on the topic.

Liberal neo-bolshieviks in the “blue-check” Twittersphere are likening MAGA hats to swastikas.

Prepare accordingly.

Sometimes, they just can’t help themselves and give away the game.

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