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OfficialNarrative – RIP #SkyKing – You Did Your Part
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RIP #SkyKing – You Did Your Part

  • “Just gonna do a barrel roll and call it a night.”

29 year old Richard Russell decided to hop in an empty airplane, take off, go view some scenic mountain vistas, maybe visit a mourning mother orca, do a barrel roll and end his life.

There so much here, that it would take days to unpack why this was such an inspiring event, and why it his final actions are inspiring so many to press F for respect.

“Is a man who can admit he is broken, truly broken?”

Titus said it well,

“Two thousand years ago, a man risking the wrath of the gods and his elites by taking flight wouldn’t have been called a manic depressant who needed to check his masculinity. They just called them heroes.”

I think part of it is nostalgia…for something we haven’t lost yet. We know what our future holds if we don’t regain our foothold on our culture and our nation. White men are facing a coordinated effort to eliminate us from the planet. An effort to drive us to extinction without the bloody mess of armaments and mass murder. We fight an enemy we rescued not too long ago, with endless resources to hand out to their civilian mercenary groups to do their dirty work for them. The odds of us winning this battle can seem very slim at times.

Compound that with trying to survive while under constant assualt, sometimes it all seems so futile.

As Alba Rising said,

“You can’t take a race of builders, explorers, conquerors, warriors and philosophers, give them shitty modern day jobs like “call center assistant” or “toll booth operator” and expect them not to go crazy once in a while. We need something to live for again.”

We see everything slipping away, and often see our goals as too far away to ever reach. We are attacked day in and day out, and it can be mentally exhausting to wake up every day to a new slew of attacks coming at us from every possible angle.

I’m sure that some days, many of us wake up and think to ourselves, “I just want to drive out to a nice little cabin in the middle of the woods and find some peace.” SkyKing decided that he just wanted to escape for a while. This was his white guy Revolt Against the Modern World. He rode the tiger into the sunset, and taught us that sometimes a single act of courage can inspire millions to wake up and fight another day. He sent a message, didn’t hurt anyone, and went out on his own terms.

RIP #SkyKing. You will not be forgotten.

“I just want you to whisper sweet nothings in my ear.”


“I wasn’t really planning on landing it…” So awesome.

“Man, the sights went by so fast… I was thinking I would have this moment of serenity, be able to take in all the sights… we have a lot of pretty stuff but… I think its prettier in a different context…”

I’m looking to the sky to save me

Looking for a sign of life

Looking for something help me burn out bright

I’m looking for a complication

Looking ’cause I’m tired of trying

Make my way back home When I learn to fly (high)

See you Space Cowboy

wanted to handle some good equipment

did a loop de loo

checked out Mount Rainer

wanted to fly around the Olympics

asked for coordinates to see female orca and her baby

had no plans on landing the plane

didn’t want to hurt anyone

“Sometimes the only way out, is up.”

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