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OfficialNarrative – Religion of Peace School Shooter Academy
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Religion of Peace School Shooter Academy

A Muslim man whose uncle has ties to the World Trade Center Bombing was caught running a school shooter training academy for children, teaching them how to effectively kill students, teachers and first responders. Here is a picture of the man and his attorney. Is anyone surprised?

For some reason, the media is trying hard to memory hole this latest celebration of diversity and multiculturalism, and the reports on it have been few and far between.

To top it all off, a female liberal judge decided to let the child terrorist instructor out on bail.

And then, just when you think the slimy media burying an important story isn’t enough, when you learn a liberal activist judge allows a terrorist who trains children to commit school shootings to enjoy life on the outside, then you hear about this.

The “authorities” went and destroyed the compound. Nothing to see here folks.






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