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OfficialNarrative – In Leftist America, Anti-White Racism is Protected and Encouraged
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In Leftist America, Anti-White Racism is Protected and Encouraged


You have to wonder what the endgame from all this anti-white propaganda will turn out to be.

It’s almost as if the people behind all the white-hate propaganda are purposefully trying to encourage “The Wrath of the Awakened Saxon”.

When and if this happens, it will be of utmost importance to not only drastically punish those who engage in these attacks on Western Civilization, but to also severely limit the organizers and funders of such propaganda in such a way as they will never be allowed to influence the Western World again. We literally have to do it so that our children and our childrens’ children are safe from this evil.

There will have to be severe consequences for those found to have aided and abetted the cultural marxist footsoldiers. It will not be pretty, but it will have to be done if we are to survive.

We need to start publicly calling out who the foundational drivers behind this are. Start by looking here-



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