Frogwave With An Important Message For All Western People

FrogWave is a Twitter personality who has been kicked off the platform multiple times.  This is because he criticizes those who shall not be criticized. Pretty funny most of the time. Keep an eye out for him and give him a follow. He may not be there the next day.


“A group of people who want to see Europeans go extinct due to ethnic hatred has taken over the mass media in all Western countries and is very deliberately using the power this gives them to promote mass immigration and race mixing Ppl need to be made aware of this 1 thing asap”



This (((woman))) is trying to silence millions of gentile voices. She is a jewish supremacist who harbors a deep ethnic hatred for people of European decent, aka white people.

One of the many heads of the hydra that need to be lopped off.



So much insight. Such a little frog. 🙂


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