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OfficialNarrative – Feminism – The Long Con Against Western Women
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Feminism – The Long Con Against Western Women

There is an old saying “It’s easier to fool somebody, than convince them they’ve been fooled.”

This will be one of the many challenges that Men of the West find themselves facing once the effort to reverse the effects of feminism begins. You’ll have millions of Western women who refuse to believe they were sold a false bill of goods by the usual suspects in the form of feminism. Many will go to their graves angry, bitter, or in denial that feminism led them down a dark, lonely, and nation-wrecking path.

I know many women who, instead of children, have dogs (DogMoms), or cats. They actually call them their furbabies. It is an incredibly sad sight to witness.

Their DNA, their very essence, is calling for them to nurture, and they are filling that gap with a beast while allowing their heritage, ancestry and bloodline to go extinct.

It is important to remember that when the day comes and the veil is lifted, to remember and punish those who foisted this evil ideology on our people, and ensure that Western Civilization never forgets, and puts into place policies that ensure that our future generations never have to fight this scourge again.

Please give a listen to Mark Collett, as he explains how destructive feminism has been to Western Civilization. There is a lot of good insight to be gleaned from his short presentation, and share it with every woman, young or old, that you care for. It may be too late for some, but working together, we may save enough.



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